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Exterior Trims Showroom

The StyroTrim Exterior Product Showroom is where you can view, select and order from our complete line of stucco and cement-coated architectural treatments made primarily for outside use. All of our products are specially crafted to beautify the exterior of your home or structure.

Exterior Stucco Trims

StyroTrim has over 100 wall, window and door accents in over 600 shapes to choose from. Ordering is easy - installing is simple. See for yourself!

"The grouping of products made the selection and ordering process simple and easy to use".
Ryan Jansen, Oshkosh, WI.

Flat Trims

Flat trims easily install around windows and doorways, adding architectural interest, style and a more finished look.

Deco Trims

Deco trims add balance and interest to the exterior walls of a home or structure.


Sills are decorative trims that fit under an existing window. Sills compliment the shape of a window and provide a more finished look.


Stucco Trims ArchesArches are curved pieces of trim that accentuate and add style to any doorway or window.


Keystones accentuate an existing arch and create the illusion that your arch is supported by several stones balancing against one another.


Columns, or pillars, are applied to the front of a home or structure under a roof or porch. Columns add beauty and decorative flair to the property's exterior.


A shutter is a slatted window accent that compliments the exterior of the property.

Faux Vents

A faux vent looks like a slatted window and adds balance and proportion to the building.


QuatrafoilA quatrefoil is a geometrically shaped piece of trim that adds style, symmetry and architectural class to the exterior of a home or structure.


Quoins are L-shaped pieces of trim positioned on the exterior corners of a home or structure. These pieces flatter the color and shape of the building.


Cornices are installed along the seam of where a wall and roof or ceiling of a porch meet, making it look more finished

Corbels & Brackets

Corbels and brackets are similar to shelf brackets and are typically installed along the overhang of a roof.

Post Caps

Post caps top off an existing post, giving it a more decorative shape and an overall finished look.

Supplies and accessories


StyroCaulk® is a caulking material that seals seams, cracks and gaps in StyroTrim treatments and also repairs surface scars in stucco.

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