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Products:  All StyroTrim® products are designated for "Exterior Use". These are pre-coated architectural treatment, custom foam shapes ready for color coating or painting.

Manufacture: All
StyroTrim® products are fabricated in a quality controlled environment, that is an in-house manufacturing facility. This is necessary to minimize the variables that could lead to a failure of components.

Application: All builders and applicators shall notify their customers that the pre-coated shapes are architectural treatments only and not in any way to be considered structural appendages.


Base: All StyroTrim® products use a modified expanded polystyrene bead that meets with ASTM 1712 standards including third party inspection at the foam manufacturer's facility. In addition, all EPS foam meets or exceeds normal EPS foam industry manufacturing specifications and is 1 lb density.

Mesh:  An alkali resistant, polymer reinforcement mesh is applied to surfaces to be finished.

Coating:  A specially formulated copolymer cement coating is applied, making the product ready for finishing.


All shapes are to be adhered to the wall surface as hereunder:

a> Using a low solvent exterior construction adhesive.

b> Mechanical fasteners are always optional, only in addition to the adhesive bonding application.

c> All shapes protruding over 10 inches from the wall surface shall require a piece of 2x4 Douglas Fir to run horizontally against the wall surface. The 2x4 shall be mechanically fastened to the wall in order to assist in supporting the pre-coated custom shape. This is in addition to using the adhesive bonding applications.


Standard lengths of all profiles and cut stock come in 8 foot lengths. Special lengths and returned pot shelves are available at an additional cost. Lead time for most orders is 5-10 days.

Note: This technical data sheet has been drafted in accordance with the current state of our knowledge. We reserve the right to make changes without prior notice. Without a written agreement to the contrary, our studies, descriptions, notices, advice or other technical documents concerning the functionality, behaviour or performance of goods are supplied as an indication only according to the common use of the goods under normal conditions of application, use and climate (USA temperate regions), or those indicated to us by customers in writing. Save for existence of fraud or gross negligence on our part, these studies, recommendations and other technical documents do not engage our liability. It is the customer's responsibility to check that they are suitable for the intended use.

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